Friday, March 15, 2013

Flinging glasses of wine

From Clinton Heylin's Can You Feel the Silence?:
Clive Culbertson: The first night that went really bad on the first leg of the first tour, we were all sitting about and Van goes, "Let's do something important here. Let's talk some shit. Where do you want to be with your life? What do you want to be doing in 20 years' time? Let's get deep here, man. We're living on top of each other." So we go all the way round, and Paddy [Moloney] refuses to tell ... [Van] wasn't baring his soul [himself], but he opened the cage a wee bit: "Well, I want to look for the answer. I want to get free." It wasn't from the soul, it was only from the head. But Paddy wouldn't give. So of course Van goes, "Everybody else has told us. Where do you want to be spiritually?" "I just want to be playing with the Chieftains." "Look, hold on here. Everybody else has bared their soul. Now I want you to bare your soul like we have." So [finally] Van says, "Fuck you!" and he flings the glass of wine at him. So Paddy gets up, flings a glass of wine [back].
This footage is from a Morrison/Chieftains session at Belfast's Balmoral Studios. It was taped in October of 1987 and aired by the BBC on St. Patrick's Day five months later. Yes, Morrison is wearing a shamrock-green dress shirt (which certainly cheesed off the orange side of Belfast) and yes, he is playing the drums.

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