Friday, January 9, 2015

Want another Danish?

And now the Bang Masters version of "Madame George" ... (Check out part one of this little venture here.) I will keep this brief simply because this song is so shockingly dreadful. The incessant background whoops and yelps give the impression that Van Morrison is playing to a near-empty barroom. The bluesy guitar lines are overwrought and sloppy. The backup vocals strive for gospel and end up sounding ghastly. There is even tambourine. Fucking tambourine.

There is absolutely zero here that points to the dramatic intensity of the Astral Weeks "Madame George"—a song that, let's be honest, is very possibly the greatest Morrison ever recorded. Hearing the Bang Masters "Madame George" is like seeing the first cut of Pulp Fiction and discovering it was originally a musical set during the Crimean War—and starred puppets.

Listen at your peril.

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