Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Apparently she was clairvoyant"

Sixteen times Van Morrison sings the words Madame George in the track of the same name. Okay, so the George isn't always a crystal clear George. Sometimes it sounds like Joy. On other occasions it might be a Joyrge. And then there's an instance or two where Van Morrison sings the first portion of George and then trails off, so it comes out as Jor.

Anyway, here is what Morrison had to say about the whole Madame George/Madame Joy puzzle. This quote is taken from John Collis' Inarticulate Speech of the Heart.
The title of the song confuses one, I must say that. The original title was "Madame Joy" but the way I wrote it down was "Madame George." Don't ask me why I do this because I just don't know. The song is just a stream-of-consciousness thing, as is "Cyprus Avenue." Both those songs came right out. I didn't even think about what I was writing. There are some things that you write that just come out all at once, and there's other things that you think about and consider where you'll put each bit ... It may have something to do with my great aunt, whose name was Joy. Apparently she was clairvoyant ... That may have something to do with it. Aunt Joy lived around the area I mentioned in connection with Cyprus Avenue. She lived in a street just off Fitzroy Street which is quite near to Cyprus Avenue.

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  1. Great work Ryan. You've turned your OCD into a great read.