Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More Vaniac support group

Checking in with another Van Morrison enthusiast who is well known in the blogosphere ... This time we fired off a few questions to John Gilligan, who launched his unofficial Morrison blog, Mystic Avenue, way back in 2006 (he's currently at 578 posts; amazing). Gilligan throws up photographs, set lists, gig reviews, recent news, and his own Van-related ruminations.

Throwing Pennies: What is your favorite song and album by Van Morrison?

Gilligan: Hard to name just one song. This month my favorite Van song is "Wavelength." Favorite album this month is Hymns to the Silence.

Throwing Pennies: What was the impetus behind starting a Van Morrison blog? What keeps you going? Finally, any chance Van is aware of what you do and how long you have been doing it for?

Gilligan: I had the idea to do a blog for a couple of years before I created it. I just want to gather all information, concert reviews, set lists, and photos—in one place in a timely manner, as I believe that's what Van's fans are most interested in. Not sure if Van is aware of the blog, but his management is!

Throwing Pennies: In a few words, tell me why you find Van's music so compelling?

Gilligan: It's about healing and redemption. Today you got the blues and all seems lost, but if you wait, tomorrow is a Brand New Day.

Throwing Pennies: Where would you rank Astral Weeks in Van's vast, rather immense discography?

Gilligan: Definitely at the very top. It's more of an experience than an album.

Throwing Pennies: How do you think Van will be remembered by history? In other words, what do you think his music legacy will be?

Gilligan: They'll be talking about Van's music 1,000 years from now. I think he will be remembered for bringing spirituality to rock and roll and pop culture. He also will be remembered for bringing a mystical vision of Belfast and Northern Ireland. It has made places like Cyprus Avenue, Hyndford Street, Orangefield, Coney Island, the Beechie River, etc., a tourist destination for people all around the globe.

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