Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vaniac support group

Been reaching out to fellow Vaniacs who curate blogs ... Say hello to Wiltshire's Pat Corley, who's been running Visions of Pat since way back in 2004. Corley has dedicated countless words to reviewing Van Morrison's albums as well as the dozens of live gigs he has attended. He answered a few of my questions via email. Check it out (and please check out his blog).

Throwing Pennies: What is your favorite song and album by Van Morrison?

Corley: Favourite song, "In The Garden." Favourite album, Astral Weeks.

Throwing Pennies: What was the impetus behind starting a Van Morrison blog? What keeps you going?

Corley: I started my blog because I like to write reviews. What keeps me going is every time I go to a concert I write a review.

Throwing Pennies: In a few words, tell me why you find Van's music so compelling?

Corley: I find Van's music compelling because it is timeless. The albums never date.

Throwing Pennies: Where would you rank Astral Weeks in Van's vast, rather immense discography?

Corley: I would rate Astral Weeks not only as Van's best album, but one of the greatest albums by anyone.

Throwing Pennies: How do you think Van will be remembered by history? What do you think his music legacy will be?

Corley: I think Van's music will be listened to in hundreds of years time. He will be remembered as one of the greatest singer-songwriters of the 20th/21st centuries.

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