Thursday, August 14, 2014


Recently, I stumbled upon a Beer Advocate review for an American Pale Ale named Astral Weeks. Right Proper Brewing Company of Washington, D.C., was responsible for its creation.

However, my sweet, dizzying glee turned to soul-crushing disappointment when a quick perusal of Right Proper's online beer listing revealed no beverage bearing the Astral Weeks moniker. (I did see beers called The Duke and Ornette, after Duke Ellington and Ornette Coleman, so there's clearly some cross-pollination between craft brewing and pop music going on at Right Proper.) Disappointed, I fired off an email to the company's general inquiry address. I shall report back when I get a response. This is tremendously important, mind you, for I fancy beer just as much as I fancy Astral Weeks.

Quick aside: The lone review for Astral Weeks featured this comment: "Pours a very pale yellow, like an unfiltered saison with some sticky white head." I've heard Astral Weeks described in much the same manner.

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