Friday, January 24, 2014

The Benign Envy List

This is my Envy List. Though seeing how it wasn't borne out of malicious envy but rather, benign envy—you know, envy touched with admiration rather than bitterness—maybe we should possibly rechristen it the Benign Envy List ...

Anyway, the following three articles on Astral Weeks are long-time favorites of mine (while eliciting a bit of resentment), chiefly because of how the authors so clearly and creatively articulate what makes the album timeless. The first is the most famous piece of rock journalism ever penned about Astral Weeks. The second—not so much, but it's still absolutely worth a go. The third is by one of the LP's most tireless advocates. Read up, Astral-ytes.

Lester Bangs' oft-quoted contribution to 1979's collection of essays, Stranded: Rock and Roll for a Desert Island.

Sean O'Hagan's 2008 piece for The Observer on whether Astral Weeks is "the best album ever made."

Greil Marcus' lengthy album review of Astral Weeks for a March of 1969 issue of Rolling Stone.

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