Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crisp, shiny wrapping paper

Why are we here? Not because we are tormented by the quantity of visits our drivel can generate. And certainly not because our meandering dissertations could draw attention to our flair for wordsmithing and inevitably deliver us to bigger/better/brighter things. We are here because we wish to rub elbows with other Astral Weeks fanatics. Like the duder who cut the remix of "Slim Slow Slider" linked here.

It's constructed from simple parts: bleats of John Payne's soprano saxophone, snatches of Van Morrison's acoustic guitar—bits of vocals, such as Morrison's murmuring of the song's title, the line "tell it everywhere you go," and his purring of the word "morning" during the two occasions in which he sings "down by the Ladbroke Grove this morning." This remix is simply glorious—like an old, treasured plaything put in crisp, shiny wrapping paper and then tenderly presented as a new gift.

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